Recent years interaction of relativistically intense powerful ultrashort laser pulses with matter was under active study of numerous laboratories throughout the world. This area of research has both fundamental (processes in plasma irradiated with extremely intense electromagnetic waves) and applied (electon and ion bunches, isotope accumulation, laser plasma x-ray sources, etc.) outcomes.
Lebedev Institute and ILC laboratories have reach and vesratile experience of experimental and theoretical research in this specific area.

Thus Joint Relativistic Laser Plasma laboratory was established in year 2009 to join and coordinate efforts in science and high school education. Key topics under study are:

  • relativistic laser plasma interaction;
  • development of new dense plasma diagnostics;
  • development of new microsources of X-ray pulses and corpuscular bunches;
  • development of laser techique to produce and amplify ultrashort laser pulses.

Key goals of the laboratory are:

  • to coordinate and join scientific efforts, intellectual and material resources for enhancement in scientific efficiency and education of highly qualified researchers;
  • search for new opportunities and application for joint financial support of scientific work and equipment development;
  • intergration of high school and RAS, collaborative research by students of MSU and other Institutions.